Free Gun Safety Class, Inexpensive Certificate for CCW

Hey folks,

So I’ve been made aware of an interesting offering from Ryan Cleckner of RocketCCW, and thought I’d share it with you. I first met Ryan just a couple of months ago while I was teaching a class in Tennessee, and was impressed by his background and gun savvy, as well as his creative offerings for the gun community.

In essence, Ryan is offering a free online basic handgun safety course, and an opportunity to obtain a certificate that meets the standards for applying for a Virginia non-resident CCW–valid for concealed carry in up to 32 states–for just $39.95. So, to be clear: the information provided in the online safety class is completely free, there’s only a cost if you also want the VA-compliant certificate at the end.

Naturally, no online safety class can take the place of hands-on gun safety instruction from a qualified, competent firearms instructor, so this online class shouldn’t be seen as displacing such instruction. If you don’t already know handgun safety, I urge you to get trained, in person, by a professional. That said, an online refresher on gun safety can’t hurt anybody, and the information is free, so there’s certainly no downside.

What’s most interesting about Ryan’s offering is that it provides an efficient, low-cost path to a VA non-resident CCW permit, and that permit is valid in up to 32 states (subject, of course, to each states’ own CCW laws and policies).

In any case, I just wanted to bring this to your attention, for those who might be interested. You can learn more about this offer in particular and Ryan in general at RocketCCW: Free Basic Handgun Safety Course.

Law of Self Defense Podcast: November 8, 2017

This video podcast is mostly a capture of the 30-minute Facebook Live session conducted on November 8, 2017.

Topics covered include: the Sutherland TX First Baptist Church massacre; defense of others, in considerable detail; deadly force and the relevance of exceptional skill in the context of martial arts; reasonableness in the context of a combat veteran; calling 911 in the context of being in a rural area without cell signal; and much more.

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LEVEL 1 LIVE ONLINE Class a hit: “This class was AMAZING!”

Hey folks,

Well, yesterday we conducted our first ever Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Live Online Class, and I’m pleased to say things went tremendously well.

It was a sold-out class (we max participation at 20 students), with students drawn from 12 different states. The technology platform for streaming the live class to the student’s computers worked flawlessly, including the functionality that allowed students to post questions in real time and that allowed me to immediately address those questions live during the class. We started right on time, taking a five minute break every hour, and finished right on time, as well.

In addition the immediate preliminary feedback we’ve received from students has been humbling:

“The class was amazing.Andrew in my opinion clearly knows his material and while the local class is state specific he managed to cover the 12 states by filling in as needed the important details. He also provides the state-specific self-defense statutes, court cases, and jury instructions to the class participants in a PDF delivered after the class. I know if I had taken the local live in-person class I would have had to sit someplace likely less comfortable and be away from home. In this case, that was not an issue as I had been able to sit at my computer and take notes and listen and talk to Andrew. This was via a program interface that much to everyone’s surprise worked perfectly. When the class was over and Andrew was finished I was amazed how fast it went, I highly recommend the law of self-defense level 1 class and highly recommend the online class.”
— Bryon Carpender

“That was a really fantastic class. I’m a retired attorney, and I’ve taken quite a few CLE courses and general info courses and this was one of the best courses I’ve taken. I was amazed at how quickly each hour went by.”
— WR

“Your class was extremely enlightening and educational. This is a class that needs to be given by states in order to get your CCW rather than the useless classes you need to take in some states now.”

— George S.

“Absolutely fantastic class. I would like to purchase a bound copy of the PowerPoint notes. How would I go about ordering them?”
–Peter J.

Interested in attending a Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Live Online Class yourself? You still can, if you act now before these classes sell out, too.

There’s another Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Live Online Class scheduled for Saturday, November 11, another for Saturday, December 2, and a just announced class on Saturday, January 13, 2018. Six hours of the best use-of-force law education available on planet Earth, streamed to the convenience of your home, with all the legalese translated into plain English to make the rules of engagement for self-defense actionable, allowing you to defend yourself decisively. And because it’s live, you can ask questions directly of Attorney Andrew Branca at any time during the class and get an immediate response.

Click here for more info.

I hope you can join us!

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Law of Self Defense Podcast: October 25, 2017

This video podcast is mostly a capture of the 30-minute Facebook Live session conducted on October 25, 2017.

Topics covered include: another example of why it’s essential that you educate yourself on self-defense law rather than presume someone else, even a criminal defense attorney, knows what they’re talking about; the difference between “hard” and “soft” Stand-Your-Ground; whether it’s a good idea to document your specialized knowledge using Mas Ayoob’s “mail your class notes to yourself” approach; the meaning of the term “curtilage” in the context of self-defense law in general and Castle Doctrine in particular; the relevance of Supreme Court cases like Tennessee v. Garner to civilian use of defensive force; whether you’re open to an assault charge if you draw a gun on a home invader who turns and leaves.

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Law of Self Defense Podcast: October 18, 2017

This video podcast is mostly a capture of the 30-minute Facebook Live session conducted on October 18, 2017.

Topics covered include: importance of learning self-defense law yourself and before the fight rather than just assuming your lawyer will save you after the fight; talking with the police in the aftermath of a use-of-force event; and the implications for case law and jury instructions when self-defense statutes are changed.

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Law of Self Defense Podcast: October 11, 2017

This video podcast is mostly a capture of the 30-minute Facebook Live session conducted on October 11, 2017.

Topics covered include: self-defense insurance not being a “get out of jail free card;” the legal risks of unusual/exotic self-defense tools/weapons; the importance of having a non-deadly force self-defense tool/weapon; the importance of well-rounded self-defense strategy in place including deadly force, non-deadly force, self-defense laws, avoidance techniques, trauma care, etc.

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NEW! Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Core Class LIVE ONLINE!

New! Take the Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Core Class LIVE ONLINE! NOT RECORDED! LIVE!

Tired of waiting for a live Law of Self Defense class to be hosted in your area? Now you don’t have to!

We’re doing a full-length Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Core Class LIVE ONLINE. This is NOT a recorded class, it is LIVE, from the convenience of your computer. Plenty of Q&A with Attorney Andrew Branca. Certification included. Class fee covers both you and your immediate family. Past students of live/online/DVD LEVEL 1 class can participate at 50% “refresher” price.

This LIVE ONLINE LEVEL 1 Core Class takes place Saturday, October 28, 2017. First 20 to register get 33% off, only $99!

More info:

Great “Gun Control Sucks” Post by Tim Chandler on Facebook

Tim Chandler on Facebook:

Here’s the deal:

Yelling at people who have no appetite for gun control does not sway them. I have listened to this argument my entire life. I have heard every single argument it is possible to make on this topic so many times that I can recite them all without conscious thought.

I did not arrive at my position on this issue casually. I have spent my entire adult life learning, researching, and thinking through the issues and the problem. Where I stand is the end result of a deliberate process informed by events, informed by behavior of others, informed by what I’ve experienced and what I’ve seen.

I did not arrive at my position on this issue casually. I have accumulated a depth of knowledge on this topic that vastly surpasses anything you see from any of the people they pay to show up on a TV screen…where they pretend to know things. I **actually** know things because I have made it a priority to know them. There are many things in the world I know absolutely nothing about. If you want to talk Etruscan sculpture, ophthalmic surgery, or photography I don’t know a damn thing. Way outside my wheelhouse. But guns? I know guns. I’ve got more hours learning and researching on this topic than many PHD’s have invested in their discipline.

I did not arrive at my position on this issue casually. You can yell all you want, virtue signal all you want, jump up and down and call me all the names you can muster. It don’t mean beans to me. I have made peace with the fact that there are people in this world who will take my life and rape my corpse for sport, sport. Do you really think it hurts my feelings if you call me a bad person?

I mean, on top of all the other reasons you have been eager to label me as the epicenter of all evil, I’m supposed to take you extra super duper seriously when you say I’m a monster on this because I don’t agree that policy on guns should be made by people who can’t reliably identify which end the bullet comes out of and can’t give a cogent explanation of existing laws. Riiight. So apart from being catastrophically wrong about ***every single thing*** coming out of your face hole, I’m supposed to just genuflect and subject myself to your control because LOUD NOISES!!! WHY DON’T YOU WANT COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS!!!

Well, firstly, it’s highly unlikely the person screaming and yelling is actually the reasonable person in a discussion. The idea that you want “reasonable” things when you are screeching at BURN THE WITCH!!! levels is laughable.

Secondly, I have seen all your proposals before and I know there is not a drop of common sense to be found in them. I know that ultimately what you want is to make sure I can’t own guns because YOU think they are icky and no one should have them. I know that in the aftermath of horrible things your side has actually proposed door-to-door confiscation. You aren’t negotiating, you are seeing what you can get away with.

What you are trying to do is use emotional blackmail to intimidate me into letting you have your way today. With the full expectation that you can do the same thing next week, and the week after…as many times as necessary until you have what you ultimately want. It is as sensible as my neighbor coming to my front door and demanding that my leg be chopped off to appease his conception of god, and then being incensed that I’m not even willing to negotiate down to chopping off just my foot.

No, I’ll just keep what’s mine, thanks. Because you have no idea what you are talking about, what you want is completely insane and unacceptable, and the only thing you can provide to back your insane request is a display of foaming-at-the-mouth hysterics that would embarrass an actual witch doctor.

I’m not alone, chief. The reason why you get zero traction no matter how eager you are to splash around in the blood of victims is because we’ve been down this road before. More and more people have done their homework and come to the same realizations.

They didn’t arrive at their position on this issue casually. They are unmoved by your yelling. They no longer give a damn what labels you want to throw at them. They’re wise to your game. They’re not moving.

They’re not moving because the world has always been a dangerous place…but they know it’s going to be a much more dangerous place if they allow uninformed, and almost unhinged people to have control. Because the world, dangerous as it can be at the moment, is greatly preferable to the horror show it will be if you screaming jackasses get your way.

Law of Self Defense Podcast: October 4, 2017

Topics covered include: The Las Vegas mass shooting this past weekend, the proposal by some in the gun community that the pro-2A crowd decline to comment on the politics of gun control for 72 hours after such an event, the prospective legal issues around intervening with force in an active shooter scenario, the news that USCCA has upgraded their coverage of criminal defense cases to $250,000 in a new “ELITE” level offering, and other miscellaneous topics suggested in the comments.

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