LOSD Survives Whirlwind OH Seminar Tour

The guy dressed in the “space suit” is me getting ready to depart the just-completed Law of Self Defense Seminar held at Mad Duck Training (http://www.madduckttc.net/) in West Elkton, OH.

That guy next to me is my host, head of Mad Duck Training, John Farquhar (be nice, he’s armed with a lovely Wilson CQB, and knows how to use it). 🙂

We had 21 attendees and a whole lot of fun.

The next day I rode direct from Springfield OH back to my home in suburban Boston–800 miles in 13 hours. (Tired? Who, me?)

Sunday’s Mad Duck seminar was my third LOSD Seminar of the weekend–Saturday morning I was in Toledo, hosted by Jon Modene, and Saturday afternoon I was in Columbus, hosted by Chris Bunner of GunEnvy (gunenvy.com) and Charlie-Bravo-Six training (charlie-bravo-six.com/).

Now I’m in the catch-up process of shipping everybody their complementary copies of “The Law of Self Defense” or the “LOSD Ohio Supplement” (their choice), as well as their embossed certificates of completion.

All of the hosts and attendees were awesome. I hope they had as good a time as they said, and learned a lot of information and insight to help keep them out of trouble.

Looking forward to getting back to OH to do follow up seminars sometime soon.

Meanwhile, this weekend I have my next LOSD seminar in Fairfax, VA–still a few seats left there: http://is.gd/SBOtF6

Then, on Saturday, October 5 I’m in Pensacola, FL–we sold out the morning seminar, but still have seats for the afternoon seminar: http://is.gd/AJteQr

On Saturday, October 19 I’m in Colubmia, SC for a seminar: http://is.gd/76hUdj

And starting Sunday, November 24 I’ll be giving regularly scheduled LOSD Seminars at the Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, NH for the New England region: http://is.gd/uinj76

Hope to see a bunch of you at all those dates!

And don’t forget–if you’d like to see a seminar hosted in your area, or even be the host yourself (pro tip: the host attends for free), you can let me know by using the form on the LOSD Seminars page, here: http://lawofselfdefense.com/seminars/

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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Andrew Branca
Andrew F. Branca, Esq. is currently in his third decade of practicing law, and is an internationally-recognized expert on the law of self-defense of the United States. Andrew is a Guest Lecturer at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy, a former Guest Instructor at the Sig Sauer Academy, an NRA Life-Benefactor Member, and an NRA Certified Instructor. He also teaches lawyers how to argue self-defense cases as a certified instructor with the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) system in numerous states around the country. Andrew is also a host on the Outdoor Channel’s TV show “The Best Defense” and contributor to the National Review Online. Andrew has been quoted as a SME (subject-matter expert) on use-of-force law by the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and many other mainstream media, including nationally syndicated broadcast media. Recently, Andrew won the UC Berkeley Law School debate on “Stand-Your-Ground,” and spoke at the NRA Annual Meeting Law Symposium on self-defense law. He is also a founding member of USCCA’s Legal Advisory Board. In addition to being a lawyer, Andrew is also a competitive handgun shooter, an IDPA Charter/Life member (IDPA #13), and a Master-class competitor in multiple IDPA divisions.

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  1. Andrew, thank you for a fantastic seminar that was focused not only on Law of Self Defense, but one that included state specific information that is not easily found without access to a law library.

    I have already received a number of reviews from attendees and each have been positive and thoughtful. Please continue the valuable work you do and thank you for sharing it with us!

    Christopher Bunner

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