Pasco County Sheriff's Office Release a 911 Call from Florida "Popcorn" Shooting

Cobb Theater, Wesley Chapel, FL, theater shooting, stand-your-ground

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The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has released one of the 911 calls made from the Cobb Theater in the immediate aftermath of the shooting of 43-year-old Navy Veteran Chad Oulson by 71-year-old retired police Captain Curtis Reeves.

The call was apparently made by a man at the scene.  Efforts to try to save Oulson’s live can clearly be heard underway.

At one point when the dispatcher asks the caller if he can identify the shooter, the caller hesitates, then states, “He’s right behind me.”

When told by the dispatcher to simply answer yes or no to subsequent questions, and asked if the shooter was still armed, the caller responds, “Yes”.

Some pseudo-graphic stuff, depending on your temperament or that of those around you:

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