Detroit Front Porch Shooting case: Day 2 Mid-Day Wrap-Up

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The State’s case against Wafer proceeded through several more witnesses today, including additional officers on scene as well as dash-cam video from a “Scout” patrol car, witnesses to McBride’s single-vehicle car crash some hours before the shooting, and the 911 dispatcher who took Wafer’s call.

To me the most relevant bits of testimony came at the start and end of the morning, both having to do with the notion that Wafer’s firing of the shotgun was unintentional.

When Dearborn Heights police officer Rory McManmon was testifying with respect to the dash-cam recording, it was revealed that Wafer indicated he didn’t know that there was a round in the shotgun’s chamber.

Similarly, just before the lunch break 911 dispatcher Valentine Pepper testified that Wafer told him over the phone that he fired the shotgun by accident. (This part of the 911 call was not recorded, however, because it occurred when 911 called back Wafer.)

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Detroit Front Porch Shooting case: Day 2 Mid-Day Wrap-Up

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