Detroit Front Porch Shooting Case: What you need to know heading into Week 3

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Tomorrow marks the start of the third week of the second degree murder trial of Detroit homeowner Theodore Wafer for the front porch shooting death of Renisha McBride in the early morning hours of November 2, 2013. This past week saw the milestone of the prosecution resting and the start of the defense presenting its case. In preparation for the Court coming back into session tomorrow morning with the continuation of the defense’s narrative of innocence to the jury we thought it might be useful to provide a brief recap of what’s happened to date, highlighting notable events and observations.


The undisputed facts of the case are that Renisha McBride was driving her car the night of November 1 while under the influence of some multiple of the state’s allowable blood-alcohol limit, as as with active marijuana in her system. She crashed her car, disabling it, and apparently striking her head on the windshield. She abandoned the crash site and essentially disappeared for the next several hours.

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Detroit Front Porch Shooting Case: What you need to know heading into Week 3

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