GRAPHIC: #1: Don't fight if don't have to. #2: If have to, fight like this cat.

Brief video of a young child being attacked by an unprovoked dog on the loose, and defended by his family cat.

By the way, look at the injuries, in featured pic above, inflicted by that not very large dog. Anybody want injuries like that on their face? Neck? Groin? On their wife? Child?

Imagine what a large dog could have done.

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Andrew Branca
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  1. This is something that is often forgotten about the need for self-defense, it’s not just the two-legged types that we need to be concerned about and even wild animals can be a threat in some parts of the country and the world. Actually, I’ve seen a few stories (one with video) of people being attacked and killed by beavers. Beavers! Seemingly unprovoked as well, I guess in this case the lesson is, don’t follow them. Something to tell the anti’s, you can’t ban all dangerous animals either!

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