Kurt Schlichter: "Liberals Are ‘Gunlighting’ When They Say They Don’t Want Your Guns"

Kurt hits another one out of the park.  Just a couple of snippets, then a link to “read the whole thing”:

“Nobody wants to ban your guns,” the liberals lie. “And you are nuts for believing we do even when we say we do.” Call it “gunlighting,” the new tactic in which anti-gun freedom fascists try to “gaslight” normal Americans into thinking they are crazy for believing what the libfascists are actually saying about banning guns.

No, these are the droids we are looking for, and we know you goose-stepping creeps would love to see us disarmed and at your mercy, stripped of the lead veto our Founding Fathers had the wisdom to assure us for the time aspiring dictators like you showed up. You can call us crazy, but we aren’t fooled.

You’re not crazy for feeling that you are being bombarded by lies. This is just more liberal taqiya, the notion that it’s perfectly fine to lie to normal Americans about liberal goals in order to enslave them. Only this time, Americans aren’t crazy enough to fall for it.

“Taqiyyah”, if you don’t know, is the Muslim doctrine that permits lying to “non-believers” if doing so helps to advance your own beliefs.  Liberal taqiyyah, indeed.

Here’s the link to the “whole thing”:  Liberals Are ‘Gunlighting’ When They Say They Don’t Want Your Guns.

Kurt can be found at Twitter at @KurtSchlichter, and I urge you to follow him there.

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