Mike Rowe on Obama's Recent "Gun Control" Initiative

Presumably most anyone reading my blog would be familiar with Mike Rowe, best known for having been the host of the Discovery channel’s television series “Dirty Jobs.”

It appears Mike has some very definitive thoughts on Obama’s recent “gun control” initiatives, and that he shared them on his Facebook page. Here’s a taste:

Hello Friends

I’ve just received a request from The White House! On behalf of The President, I’ve been asked to share some talking points directly with each one of you, regarding the need to expand background checks on those citizens who wish to purchase a gun!

Just kidding.

The White House would be mistaken to assume that I oppose background checks on gun purchases. I do not. I’m just skeptical that expanding a broken system is the best way to keep guns away from bad guys and lunatics.

‪#‎When‬ there’s a hole in your net, you don’t need a bigger net; you need a smaller hole.

I do, as always, encourage you to go read the whole thing.

(Full disclosure: I personally believe ALL pre-emptive backgrounds checks are a pointless and unjustifiable infringement of our enumerated Second Amendment rights, and should be abandoned in their entirety.)

h/t @AoSHQ (and, by extension, BearingArms)

And here’s a pic Mike posted with the copy above:

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 6.35.12 AM

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