#1 best new release in Criminal Law at Amazon.com!

Wow!  I just found out that the new “The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition” is officially the #1 new release in Criminal Law at Amazon.com!

That’s entirely due, of course, to all of you putting down your hard-earned money to buy the book.


Thank you!

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Andrew Branca
Andrew F. Branca is a Massachusetts lawyer and the author of the seminal book “The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition,” available at the Law of Self Defense website (autographed copies available) and Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle), and many other re-sellers. Andrew just launched his latest product, the LOSD Instructor Program, designed for gun safety, marksmanship and tactical strategy instructors. Be an elite member of the self defense community, understanding your state's self defense laws to a depth even lawyers rarely achieve. Check it out here.   Andrew also gives live, in-person, ~5 hour-long state-specific Law of Self Defense Seminars all over the country. Click here to find a live seminar covering your state's self-defense laws.   Andrew also produces many 4-5 hour online, on-demand state-specific Law of Self Defense training courses. These online classes are enriched versions of the live, in-person state-specific Law of Self Defense Class Andrew gives all around the country. Click here to find an online course for your state. These online classes are priced at $249/HOUSEHOLD. You can learn more details and view the first section of the training class for free (about 30 minutes worth of self-defense law training) by clicking here.

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  1. I’m about a 3rd of the way through the book now. Perhaps I’ll change my mind with further reading, but right now I’d say the book is 1) an invaluable, perhaps indispensable source of information for people who might ever choose violence, of any kind, whether in purest self-defense or harboring even the slightest level of anger, and 2) a nauseating reminder of just how vicious is the system under which we live, that places men in jeopardy even when they act in ways that are both perfectly understandable and socially beneficial.

    Most people would say I’m a big guy. I stand 6’3″, weigh 210, have 15″ biceps and have very little fat despite being quite middle-aged. I now see that this is a tremendous handicap, because if another man (especially a smaller one) puts hands on me in any situation other than where I’ve retreated, retreated, tried to de-escalate, tried to appease, played like a terrified rabbit…in other words, only as long as I’ve been everything BUT a masculine man, if I respond with even the full force of my natural strength I run the risk of going to jail. I’m expected, because I’m a big, scary looking man, to be able to “handle” any assault short of “overtly armed,” “openly announced,” and still I’m damned unless I can demonstrate that I took serious damage prior to acting (and even that didn’t help Zimmerman, as we all know.)

    After reading Rory Miller’s “Facing Violence” I thought I was safe as long as I didn’t get into a Monkey Dance level of stupidity. I now see that this was naive.

    I’ve been punched. In college, a drunken frat boy unloaded on me even as I turned to face him to answer a question. I never saw it coming. Miraculously, when I landed (probably, I don’t recall those moments) head first on a set of concrete steps it didn’t kill me.

    One punch. ONE.

    I’m beyond disgusted with the scum who write the laws in this country (not that elsewhere is better.) The clowns who become legislators appear to get their knowledge from TV and movie plots.

    The way the laws are written, every time I leave my home I’m at huge risk of double-victimization, first by the (fortunately relatively rare in my environment) freelance sociopaths who inhabit our world and second, by the organized sociopaths who make up our misnamed justice system.

    Your case study of the guy who when to jail for shooting a man who chose to RUN, screaming, right at him despite staring at the business end of a gun is all I needed to know. To me, running at a man with a gun is open evidence of intent to do serious bodily harm in a completely irrational state of mind. The same thing happened to Gary Fadden http://www.defensivecarry.com/forum/news-good-bad-ugly/10394-f-you-your-high-powered-rifle-gary-fadden-incident-ayoob-files.html

    The notion that I must stand there and just take a beating, never get angry, never allow my emotions to seize control of my response lest I become the focus for social retribution…well, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I find the vast majority of people to be inscrutable. Most people exist in an entirely illusory construct of their own minds, a place where facts and reality don’t intrude if they conflict with people’s premises, biases and ideologies.

    The point is, it’s going to take a while to accept just how much the common man is screwed if he ever comes under the baleful gaze of government agents (most especially prosecutors.) I knew from reading Bill Andersen’s columns about the Duke Lacrosse Players’ Rape-by-Prosecutor and the Tonya Craft Rape-by-Prosecutors-and-Judge (http://williamlanderson.blogspot.com/search?q=tonya+craft) that the justice system is a cesspool, but I didn’t realize the degree to which the very statutes found in state law are sources of dire jeopardy.

    Getting a CCL in IL is the most expensive (in terms of time and money) of any Shall Issue state. I now question why anyone bothers.

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