10 ways to lose your self-defense argument 2013-06-04T22:02:52+00:00

There are at least 10 common ways that armed citizens who use force to protect themselves or their families end up losing the right to argue self defense in front of a jury:

  • Claiming the use of force was an accident
  • Not meeting your burden of production to qualify for self-defense
  • Being perceived as the aggressor (the one who started the conflict)
  • Resorting to self defense under inadequate provocation
  • Using excessive force either in degree or duration
  • Failing to use a safe avenue of retreat
  • Returning to an initial conflict
  • Pursuing an attacker
  • Fleeing the scene of conflict
  • Saying too much, or not enough

If you don’t know EXACTLY how to preserve your right to argue self defense in court, the Law of Self Defense is essential to preserving your liberty.