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  • The #1 guide for understanding your state’s requirements when using force to protect yourself

  • An easy to understand, entertaining and informative read that thoroughly covers the law in all 50 states

  • Clearly explains not just the statutes but how the courts apply them
  • Corrects the myths that get people in trouble
  • Received 5-star Amazon rating and praise from many self defense legends
  • Includes interesting, if sometimes heart-wrenching, true-life examples
  • GREAT GIFTS! Custom, personalized autographs may be requested at checkout


Amazing Reviews From Layman, Lawyers & Leaders

Rory Miller
Rory MillerAuthor, Meditations on Violence
“Andrew Branca’s Law of Self-Defense is the best treatment of the subject I’ve seen. The counselor doesn’t shy away from the complexities of the subject— for several concepts there are tables covering the nuanced differences in the law in all fifty states. Yet he has somehow made it accessible, clear and understandable. Even easy to read. Almost fun. The information in this book is invaluable for anyone who teaches or studies self-defense. “
Massad Ayoob
Massad AyoobOwner, Massad Ayoob Group (MAG)
“You are wise to buy this book. I hope you read it, internalize it, and keep it to the forefront whenever you even think of reaching for a gun.”
“I was taping a show today and totally recommended the hell out of The Law of Self Defense by Andrew Branca. Buy it. It’s the best self-defense law guide since sliced bread.”

Kurt Schlichter, writer for’s Big Government, Big Journalism and Big Peace
“The Law of Self Defense has to be the gold standard resource for the armed citizen.”

J. M. Kopecky
“I just started reading The Law of Self Defense today and I can hardly put it down!”

Paula G
“The Law of Self Defense provides excellent guidance to gun-owners & gun-carriers. I recommend you get a copy!”

John Farnam, Defense Training International
“Just wanted to let you know that I received “The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition” the other day and I’m loving it! TONS of useful information presented in an easy-to-understand, legal fashion. It’s a great read and I’d like to personally thank you for sharing such invaluable knowledge to those of us who carry for personal protection. I’m very proficient with my firearms and have confidence in my ability to protect myself. And soon, after finishing your book, I hope to have more confidence in my ability to protect myself in the ‘legal machine’ if ever need be. Again, great book and thank you!”

Jason Toelle, Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network
““The Law of Self Defense is an outstanding book. Love it.”
John Willett , (USMC 1998-2002),
“The value of The Law of Self Defense is in the way it concisely teaches the principles of self-defense law.”

Gila Hayes, Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network
“The Law of Self Defense did more to clear my understanding of the matter than anything else I’ve read or done.”
William Strunk, Jr.
“The Law of Self Defense is as important as your gun and ammo selection for self-defense. Get yourself a copy.”
Ron Larimer

What You Will Learn

  • How to develop a practical self defense strategy that is both effective and legal
  • The nuances of your state’s laws and how to stay well within their requirements
  • How to win against prejudicial witnesses and a biased media
  • What to say to the 911 operator, first responders, and others
  • How to make fast, effective, legally sound decisions confidently during life-and-death situations

Is this book for you?

This book isn’t for everyone.

If you’re a criminal looking to get away with murder, look somewhere else.  This book isn’t a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

And if you’re the kind of person who thinks you can just hire a lawyer after the fact and he’ll bend the law to fit your use-of-force actions, this book probably won’t help you. (Pro-tip: your lawyer doesn’t have a time machine, he’s stuck with the facts you give him.)

It’s also not for those who merely rely on the police to keep them safe at all times.  This is a book intended for people determined to defend themselves and their families, while minimizing the chances that their defensive use of force will end up with them in prison.

But if you understand the responsibility you have to protect yourself and your loved ones, if you work to ensure their safety by preparing for the worst, and if you refuse to be a victim of this world, this book is for you. It will prepare you to better protect your life in the physical battle as well as your liberty and wealth in the legal battle that follows.  Our mission is to provide you with an actionable understanding of the law of self-defense so that you can make better informed and more confident decisions in the fight for your life.


More Amazing Reviews From Layman, Lawyers & Leaders

John Lott
John LottPresident Crime Prevention Research Center and the author of More Guns, Less Crime
“If you are one of the 10 million concealed handgun permit holders in the US today and you should ever have to use your gun defensively, reading The Law of Self Defense could save you a lot of headaches and heartbreak. Anyone who paid attention to the George Zimmerman saga in Florida doesn’t need a reminder about the legal problems that even the most law-abiding, honest citizens can run into when they are forced to defend themselves. While the horrors faced by George Zimmerman are rare, it is hardly the only example where overzealous prosecutors or law enforcement have really turned the victim into a victim of the legal system. Andrew Branca is a lawyer who has a knack of explaining the law so that it is readily accessible to everyone. Having a gun when the police aren’t there to protect you can keep you alive, but understanding the material in this book can keep you out of jail to continue enjoying that life.”
Mike Seeklander
Mike SeeklanderOutdoor Channel cohost, The Best Defense
“If you plan on defending yourself If you plan and I don’t care if it’s with pepper spray, or a taser, or a firearm, you need this information … One of the single best resources I’ve ever read on Self Defense Law. This is absolutely outstanding, its enjoyable.”
“The Law of Self Defense is an excellent guide with comprehensive state-by-state information.”
Stephen Halbrook
“The Law of Self Defense did more to clear my understanding of the matter than anything else I’ve read or done.”

William Strunk, Jr.
“Only 2 books have changed me, The Law of Self Defense and the Bible.”
Donnie Kingery
“Buy a copy of Andrew Branca’s The Law of Self Defense. This is a no-brainer. This book should be required reading for anyone who wants to be in charge of their own safety, not just concealed carry permit holders, because it lays out, in layman’s terms, what legal challenges you may face if you need to defend your life.”
Kevin Creighton, Ricochet
“May be the most important book on the subject that I’ve seen yet. Easy to read, set up in a logical sequence. You make points and then illustrated them with stories from real life to show the practical application. I’ve been teaching use of lethal force/self defense for 20 years and have served as an expert witness on self defense, and yet in just the first 10 minutes of skimming, I’ve already learned valuable information.”
Peter Burlingame, Self-Defense Initiative
“I bought The Law of Self Defense on Kindle. It’s so good that I just ordered a physical copy so I can mark it all up!”
Traci Davis
“The Law of Self Defense is the owner’s manual for your concealed carry permit.”
Ace of Spades HQ
“This book will save your life just as surely as your self defense training. I would advise anyone teaching self defense to buy The Law of Self Defense.”
Paul “Rock” Higgins, VIPA Tactical Training
“Anyone with a CCW will be astounded & terrified they’re carrying without having the info in The Law of Self Defense. There’s so much to know!”
Dan Stewart

Still not sure you’re ready to buy?  Why not try it out a bit first.

Look Inside


What We’ve Changed

The 2nd Edition is great. Here’s how we made it even better:


  • We’ve added about 30% more content per chapter that addresses issues and questions we’ve heard from folks over the last three years.
  • In that process we’ve updated and added new illustrative cases and explanations of issues and concepts.
  • Naturally we also reviewed the many hundreds of statutes, jury instructions, and case law referenced in the book’s numerous tables, making sure that the law remained correct and updating where necessary.
  • Plus, of course, it was a chance to do a re-write, and that almost always ends up in an even clearer, more readable book.

Get to know Andrew

Andrew F. Branca, Esq., is the foremost expert in U.S. self defense law across all 50 states.  Andrew writes, speaks, and advises on self-defense law and self-defense cases around the country. His expertise has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, NPR, numerous other media organizations, as well as many private, state and federal agencies. He is a Massachusetts lawyer, Life/Benefactor Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and a former Adjunct Instructor on the Law of Self Defense at the SigSauer Academy. He regularly lectures and speaks throughout the country on how to protect yourself against both an attack and the legal machine after. Most recently, Andrew has become a host and self-defense law expert on the Outdoor Channel’s TV show, “The Best Defense.” Andrew is a multi-division Master-class competitor in IDPA and an NRA-certified firearms instructor. He holds or has held concealed carry permits for Massachusetts, Colorado, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida, Utah, Virginia, and other states.


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