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This is a LIVE ONLINE version of our Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Core Class covering the principles and application of American use-of-force law, presented by Attorney Andrew Branca. This class is being held LIVE, ONLINE on Saturday, January 13, 2018.  Learn how to understand self-defense law from the inside out, as prosecutors, defense lawyers, and judges (hopefully) understand the law!

Our newly-launched LEVEL 1 LIVE ONLINE CLASSES cover the same legal principles of our full-day live in-person travel classes held all over the country, but are delivered in a streamed, online format.  These legal principles are illustrated with actual law drawn from a variety of states to illustrate the various ways in which self-defense law is applied.  These LIVE ONLINE classes are NOT A RECORDING, but are presented LIVE by Attorney Andrew Branca, and they provide ample opportunity for Q&A.

The advantage of the LIVE ONLINE class is that you don’t have to travel to some specific location for the class, you can participate from the convenience of your desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone.  Also, because we don’t incur the enormous travel expenses that a travel class requires, we can offer these at a 5o% discount compared to our live, in-person classes:  only $99.99 for our LIVE ONLINE classes, versus $199.99 for our in-person travel classes.  Even better, your registration for your LIVE ONLINE class includes yourself, your spouse, and any of your minor children, all for the single low price of $99.99.

We do limit participation in any given LIVE ONLINE CLASS to no more than 20 students, and they sell out quickly, so if you’re interested in participating be sure to lock in your seat TODAY!

(For those of you who are lawyers interested in Continuing Legal Education credits, contact us at support@lawofselfdefense.com.)

This class includes a certificate for all participants (one certificate per registration is included in the class fee, additional certifications are available for a modest administrative fee for immediate family members who participate alongside the registrant; see details below).

This is NOT A RECORDED EVENT.  Andrew will be presenting LIVE, for a 6-hour period, over the internet. We will take short breaks of ~5 minutes each hour. Naturally the start and ends times will vary for each US time zone.


Eastern:  11am to 5pm
Central: 10am to 4pm
Mountain: 9am to 3pm
Pacific: 8am to 2pm

There will be opportunity for Q&A throughout the class.

If you’ve always wanted to attend one of Attorney Branca’s live Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Core Class but haven’t been able to get to a live event, now you can do so from the convenience of your home laptop, tablet, or even smart phone. The legal principles of use-of-force law will be illustrated with selected examples of statutes, jury instructions, and court decisions drawn from various states to show the different approaches taken by different jurisdictions, much as we do in our best-selling book, “The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition.”  In addition, every registrant to this online class we be mailed a copy of that book, including it’s extensive tables of self-defense laws of all 50 states.

If you HAVE previously participated in a Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Core Class–either live, online-recorded, or DVD-recorded–you are eligible to participate in this LIVE ONLINE event at HALF-PRICE as a refresher class.  To take advantage of this opportunity simply contact us at support@lawofselfdefense.com.

In addition, by participating in this LIVE ONLINE class you are eligible to purchase our Law of Self Defense State-specific Supplement DVDs for your state.  If you order that DVD prior to the class date, we will discount the list price by 50%.  Again, to take advantage of this opportunity simply contact us at support@lawofselfdefense.com.

The legal principles of use-of-force law will be illustrated with selected examples of statutes, jury instructions, and court decisions drawn from various states to show the different approaches taken by different jurisdictions, much as we do in our best-selling book, “The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition”  That book includes extensive tables of self-defense law of all 50 states, and if you do not already have a copy of our book, every registrant to this LIVE ONLINE class has the opportunity to purchase the book for $9.99 (shipping included!), a 68% discount, as a supplement to this class.  (The book will be shipped immediately upon order.) 

WHO IS COVERED:  This class fee proves a license to both yourself and your wife or minor children to view and participate in the LIVE ONLINE class using a single access device (computer, tablet, smart phone) of your choice.  You MUST provide the name of any such qualifying co-participant in the notes field during checkout!   Besides that exception for wives and minor children, this class registration fee DOES NOT provide license to display, by any means, the LIVE ONLINE class to others for a fee or otherwise, nor does it allow recording of this class by any means.  (If you are a self-defense instructor or church/civic group and would like information on a group rate, contact us at support@lawofselfdefense.com.)

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Any computer device of recent years with a browser and internet connection will be able to access this LIVE ONLINE class.  The system you are using to register for this class will be sufficient.


This class is an in-depth, professional-level education on the law of self-defensedelivered in an informal and accessible manner.  Questions are answered to ensure that every portion is thoroughly understood.

Through this class you will learn how self-defense laws are applied in the real world to real people in real self-defense scenarios.  This class will teach you how prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges view self-defense cases, and in particular what encourages prosecutors to bring charges and seek convictions.

Conversely, you will learn what aspects of a defensive force encounter help your defense build a compelling narrative of innocence, and how to minimize your vulnerability to prosecution and conviction.

The last hour or so of the class is devoted to helping you to build your own personal legally-sound self-defense strategy, incorporating your new understanding of self-defense law into your personal defensive tactics.  The goal:  teach how how to stay well within the bounds of the law of self-defense as possible without in any way diminishing your ability to win the physical, and as well as the legal, battle.

The class also allows for plenty of Q&A with Attorney Andrew Branca, an internationally recognized expert in American self-defense law.  His legal practice, writings, and class are considered an essential self-defense law resource by many judges, lawyers, and Federal and local law enforcement.





Andrew F. Branca, Esq. is currently in his third decade of practicing law, and is an internationally-recognized expert on the law of self-defense of the United States.

Andrew has been a Guest Lecturer at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy, is a former Guest Instructor at the Sig Sauer Academy, an NRA Life-Benefactor Member, and an NRA Certified Instructor. He also teaches lawyers how to argue self-defense cases as a certified instructor with the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) system in numerous states around the country. Andrew is also a subject matter expert (SME) on the Outdoor Channel’s TV show “The Best Defense” and contributor to the National Review Online.

Andrew has been quoted as a SME on use-of-force law by the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and many other mainstream media, including nationally syndicated broadcast media. Recently, Andrew won the UC Berkeley Law School debate on “Stand-Your-Ground,” and spoke at the NRA Annual Meeting Law Symposium on self-defense law. He is also a former member of USCCA’s Legal Advisory Board.

In addition to being a lawyer, Andrew is also a competitive handgun shooter, an IDPA Charter/Life member (IDPA #13), and a Master-class competitor in multiple IDPA divisions.

ANY QUESTIONS? Just email us at support@lawofselfdefense.com.

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