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Attorney Andrew Branca offers private full-day Law of Self Defense Classes to executive protection and corporate security groups.

These private classes differ from our usual public classes in several ways.

First, the private classes are customized to the needs of the particular client. Public classes must naturally be more generalized to address a more diverse audience.

Second, the private classes can be scheduled at a date and location convenient to the client.

Third, private classes are treated as legal consults, and thus qualify as attorney work product and for attorney-client privilege and confidentiality. Our public classes obviously cannot qualify as such.

Fourth, private classes include 10 hours of legal consulting by Attorney Branca at no additional cost in the event one of the students in the class is involved in a use of force event and faces criminal and/or civil liability. ¬†These hours are “owned” and allocated at the discretion of the corporate client.

Full-day private classes are best suited for groups of about 10 personnel, and are invoiced at a flat day-rate (plus travel expenses).

For more information, or to schedule to talk with Attorney Branca confidentially to learn more about these private executive protection & corporate security classes, click here.